I have a number of media outlets for my interests and research, and growing experience of broadcast media, having appeared as an expert commentator on BBC radio and television. I now have a regular slot on Times Radio, and have appeared with LBC’s Iain Dale on a number of his podcasts. On this page you can find links to some of my recent and past appearances.

Times Radio

Since January 2022 I have appeared every week on Matt Chorley’s show on Times Radio, charting the history of UK opposition leaders by presenting a different leader each week. The series began with Charles James Fox in 1783 and continues throughout the year until it reaches the most recent leader, Keir Starmer.

Featuring “the best political music megamix on the radio” [copyright Matt Chorley], the slot goes out live every Monday at around 11.50am. Compilations of these segments are then put together for a monthly special edition of The Times’ Red Box politics podcast, which you can find below:

LBC – Iain Dale

I have appeared on two episodes of Iain Dale’s podcast looking at Prime Ministers and Presidents. In the first, I was interviewed by Iain about my chapter on the Earl of Derby in his book “The Prime Ministers”, whilst in the second, the tables were turned, and I interviewed him about his chapter on Boris Johnson. You can listen to both episodes below. 

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